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53 allée des Hirondelles 

​97 122 Baie-Mahault

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26 Sep 2019

Chers Parents, 

Inscrivez dès maintenant votre enfant à notre camp de vacances "Halloween Camp". 

Les ateliers sont réalisés en anglais et en espagnol. 

Public : 3 à 10 ans 

Date : Du 21 au 31 octobre 2019

Games - Art - Dance - Theater - Cooking - Sport. 

Contact: 0690 11 30...

28 Aug 2019

Nos ateliers d'anglais et d'espagnol destinés aux 3- 15 ans  débutent le 11 septembre 2019. 

Nous vous attendons nombreux! 

Contact : 0690 11 30 30 - Email:

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Notre centre de langues propose des cours d’anglais, d’espagnol et de langues des signes aux enfants (dès 3 ans), aux adolescents et aux adultes de tout âge et de tous ni...
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Welcome to the Europeen program ERASMUS +

Our school has, been selected to take part in the european program ERASMUS +.

Oui Love learning is now implicate in an international cooperation with 4 european countries: DANEMARK, LITHUANIA, PORTUGAL (MAREIRA), ROUMANIA.

“Every group of human beings draws wealth from communication, mutual aid, and the solidarity of a common goal: the development of each individual while respecting each of our individual différences"

Françoise DOLTO

Welcome to our school !

Oui Love Learning is a trilingual nursery school ; Inglish, french, spanish by encouraging each child to become an actor in his/ her learning. The methods we use are oriented towards the personal development of each child as a lifelong learner.

In addition to the traditionally taught subjects (language, world discovery ...), we emphasize teaching the arts (visual arts, music, dance, and theater) and yoga; which strongly sensitize each child to the human values which we at Oui Love Learning are particularly fond of.

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