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« Colored by sun, United by the sea »

Oui Love Learning school has been selected in the european program ERASMUS + " Colored by the sun, United by the sea" with 5 others educational institutions from Denmark, Rumania, Portugal (Madera),  de Lithuania and one other school Grand Camp Mixte 2 from Guadeloupe.

Its aim: organize activities together to  suppress  racism and intolerance and by this way to help children in opening their mind and heart to accept people with different cultures.

No matter what color of skin we have we live together under the sun and no matter where in the world we are, the sea connects us all around the globe.

The teacher trainings are very important in the project as it permits pedagogic sharing to improve educational method. They also serve as starting points for quality intellectual outputs such as music and dance performances as well as exhibitions speaking of tolerance, human rights and human values.


Contemporary arts

During the first year of the project, children, teachers and local community members engaged in interesting contemporary arts activities.

  • International online competition creating a project logo (the children voted and the Portugal won - cf diapo 1),

  • Sharing and learning local songs ;

  • Workshop including music and dance ;

  • ICT and English language activities.

Art that speaks of respect, tolerance, human values and human rights brought a strong social aspect.

18 au 23 septembre 2015 :

ROUMANIA - 1st transnational meeting

PORTUGAL won the logo competition            


Local dances and music

During the 2d year, project activities concern sharing and learning traditional dances and music. Children researched a song about racism and tolerance and they voted on line for the project song: "Different color one people". They learn the project song in English and the translated version in their own languages.

08 au 21 février 2016  :

GUADELOUPE - Teachers training

Two workshops, one for the local dances, one for local music..

  • Music workshop with a professional musician M. KIAVUE : to put right the 6 different translations of the song « Different colors, one people »and to include local instrument like CHACHA and Gros KA.

  • Dance Workshop with a professional Hip Hop choreograph M. LANGIN to create an original choreography mixing the rhythm of the project song «Different colors, one people» into the traditional dances from the 5 different partner countries.

The result is particularly interesting on our ability to broke language and culture barriers.

03 au 07 Octobre 2016 :

MADÈRE - 2d transnational meeting

Music workshop :

learning GROSKA percussion

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