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Our method

"Establishing lasting peace is the work of education.
Politics can only avoid war"
Maria Montessori.​
French / English

The English langage is learned ans taught as a second langage at Oui Love Learning.

It is integrated into daily school activities throughout the year.

The children are their own langage learning development and their langage expression in English becomes more natural with our programmed activities and methods.


Musical performance is beneficial in all areas of your child's growth, especially for his physical, socio-affective, and langage development.

Musical performance activities bring children together and develop their sense of belonging to a group.


The Spanish langage is integrated through singing, and role playing  during the first year and is later taught using the same method as French and English.  


This discipline allows children to acquire tools, techniques and working method that enrich their expressive skills and their artistic sensitivity.

The projects that we put in place are anchored in pedagogical approches that connect with the different exhibitions of the various museums in Guadeloupe and current exhibitions.

An annual collective work is organized around the creation of one or more works of art for which the children will work throughout the year.

These production will give rise to an exhibition at the end of the year.

Politeness & Values 

This teaching takes place on a daily basis in the form of interactive games (role play, theater), and will inculcate rules of politeness, life skills, respect of others in various everyday context, whether at school, with family and the elderly, on trips, in public places and at the table.

It will incorporate universal human values: Truth, Peace, Love, Non-violence.


The children performances foster cooperation self-help and self- esteem.

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