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Headmistress, Dominique DUPONT

The school is managed by Dominique Dupont. She holds a master's degree from the University of Toulouse le Mirail and a DESS on International trading from the University des Antilles et de la Guyane.

She observed that the island of Guadeloupe has a strategic geographical position because of its location at the center of the Caribbean archipelago, surrounded by an English-speaking and Spanish-speaking world, not far from the continents of North and South America. Nevertheless the population speaks neither English nor Spanish fluently. She wondered about the absence of a trilingual school in Guadeloupe and began working to create a school for language learning and exchange. Dominique DUPONT created a trilingual kindergarten based on innovative methods called Oui Love Learning, which is entirely oriented towards the personal development of the individual child.

For your child, we integrate into our program French, English, and Spanish language learning and also politeness, human values, art, music, dance, and yoga.

Our objective

An alternative method to National Education.

The objective of the trilingal education is to help students acquire all skills of the official program.

The regular practice of a second langage through instruction allows leaners to relate various way of describing ans understanding global realities, witch can open their minds to other cultures and way of thinking about the world.

Organization of instruction

Parity : 12 H in french and 12 H in english

Our teaching is organized according to the principle of parity 12h/week in French and  the same time in English.

Activities are conducted in English or French with native speakers.

Our program is in accordance with the official guideline

All our teacher are qualified and hold qualification.

Al courses are given using the principle of Grammont: one person/one langage ans it is always the same person who speak hi (her) langage.

One teacher speaks only in French, the other in English, alternating.

Thus, the children practice both langages in the same week.

Spanish is provided for 3 hours per week with a native speaker.

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